Puuperäsin – Challenge of the Varisselkä

Do you miss racing?

On the 16.5.2020 WaWe Sailing Academy r.f will start the first race for the season. As many attempts as you want, when you want, but within one week time!

On the starting day 16.5 at 08.00 o’clock we will announce the course, 10-20 nm in the Vasa archipelago. Study the weather and find your weather window when you can do the fastest lap with your boat! Afterwards you send us the starting time, finishing time, and your boats rating. You should also post a picture on our FB page during the race as proof.

Sailing solo, amazing picture or sailing at night can give you extra credit! 😉

On the 23.5 at 23:59 the race closes and on Sunday 24.5 we will announce the results and have a virtual prize giving!


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