Finalplats för WaWe Sailing Academy

Foto: Pepe Korteniemi

WaWe Sailing Academys lag Noel Barkelius, Hedda Stolpe, Michael Wahlroos och Mats Jakobsson seglade föreningen till en femte plats i den första kvaltävlingen av den Finska Seglingsligan, som seglades vid ESF. Samtidigt tog de hem en plats i finalen av den Finska Seglingsligan.

Finalen kommer att seglas i Mariehamn vid ÅSS den 11.-13.10.

Resultaten från kvalet hittas här.

Hedda Stolpe, Michael Wahlroos, Noel Barkelius och Mats Jakobsson. Foto: Pepe Korteniemi

Finnish Sailing League 2019

WaWe Sailing Academy r.f. kommer att representeras i årets upplaga av den Finska Seglingsligan, som går av stapeln 13.-15.09 i Esbo vid ESF. Det blir första gången föreningen deltar i Seglingsligan.

I kvaltävlingen kommer WSA att representeras av Noel Barkelius, Hedda Stolpe, Michael Wahlroos och Mats Jakobsson.

Man kan följa tävlingen via

WSA kommer att tävla tillsammans med 12 andra lag i den första kvaltävlingen.

Tour de Kvarken

Välkommen på WaWe Sailing Academy r.f.s tillfartsrace Tour de Kvarken till Ulvöregattan den 09.07!

Racet är öppet för alla och respitsystemet som racet seglas i är SRS. Formatet är jaktstart och starten sker från Rönnskär. Målgången sköts av ÖSS inne vid Ulvöhamn. Starttiderna delas ut på skepparmötet som hålls 08.07 kl. 21.00 på Rönnskär.

Tävlingen är gratis för båtar där skepparen är WaWe Sailing Academys medlem men för övriga debiteras en avgift på 15 € som betalas på skepparmötet eller in på FI87 6601 0010 0327 53 senast 07.07.2019.

Mera information om racet hittar ni i seglingsföreskrifterna.

Anmälan och frågor till eller per telefon +358408494155. I anmälan bör framgå båtnamn, SRS eller SRSs-tal, segelnummer, vilken förening seglar under samt skeppare.

Listan på anmälda hittar ni här.

Välkomna med!

Sailor day

The 21st of April we are having an event in Vaasa!

The idea is to gather sailors and discuss incoming season, different races and get to know each other. A common problem in our region is that teams don’t have enough crew and some people don’t have a boat to sail on.

Noel Barkelius from Gransegel will be there and talk about projects he has been involved in and how they have achieved their goals. You will also have the opportunity to ask anything related to sailing!

We will also tell you about our incoming season and why we started WaWe Sailing Academy rf.

The event will take place on pub O’malley’s and starts at 15.00! Sign up by e-mail to


Shorthand with Farr30?

Designer comments “Our goal in developing the Farr30 was to create a state-of-the-art offshore one-design that would be fast and exciting, yet uncomplicated and economical.

State-of-the-art offshore design? -Yes. Fast? -Yes. Exciting? -Yes. Uncomplicated? -No. Economical? -Both yes and no.

We have sailed the Farr30 for 4,800 miles last year and mostly doublehanded which many people think is stupid, you don’t sail a Farr30 without 6-7 people.

I disagree, the boat is lovely and possible to handle with just two onboard but we have learned it the hard way. When we set sails in May last year for the first offshore voyage to Stockholm (230nm) we didn’t now what the boat was capable of. When the log showed 14kn, 15kn, 17,2kn with just mainsail and jib, the water that was only 4 degrees flushed over the boat, everything was soaking wet,  that’s when you missed the old boat.

We realized that we needed to sail A LOT to learn the boat and that’s what we have done. All around Sweden to Gothenburgh, 24 hours later back to Stockholm, up north to Vaasa, couple times to Sweden back and forth, from Estonia to Stockholm and the list of journeys just goes on. Sounds pretty stupid especially without an autopilot and all the time doublehanded but you learn from your misstakes.

The biggest challenge have been sail changes and handling the boat upwind. When you’re dragging the big gennaker bags to foredeck in high sea and make a misstake, nobody can help you because he/she is needed at the helm. We have always put safety first and gone trough the procedures step by step before getting in to action. The decklayout is also quite challenging with the big cockpit so the helmsman can’t really handle more than the main when the other is hoisting the kite for example.

For this season we are modifiying the boat more suitable for shorthand, a reefable jib, an autopilot etc. We feel confident for the shorthanded races next season even though if it’s going to be challenging! The main thing is that we are learning more and pushing the limits even further!

Website published

Welcome to our new website! 

Here we are going to post news about the team, race reports and upcoming plans.  If you have any questions or ideas of what you want to read about so feel free to comment!